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titankiid asked
hi! i just wanted to say that there is a swedish gay short-film called 'Lucky Blue', (idk if you've heard of it but whatever) its up on youtube with english subtitles and its so cute omg

Hmm. Thanks. 😊

"Late Expectations"

A young woman struggles to come out. 

Would you like to see this film? We need  your help to make it happen, please donate to our fundraiser to help finish post production.

Just FYI…

Any and all pornographic submissions will be deleted.

Anonymous asked
Do you know where to watch all of 'jongens'?

I have no idea what that is. Sorry. So no.

mybrooklynights asked
Please can you help me share this film? Go to youtube and write: Credence trailer. Then choose the video trailer that have 1:40 minutes! They need our help, we have to share this video as much as we can !!! And the film is beautiful!! Thank you :)

It looks like it’ll be an interesting movie. But it also looks incredibly depressing. 😢

Don’t let that stop you from checking it out tho. lol

1-800-slut-my-fuck asked
What's the one with the cute teens In the locker room or whatever, with the one cleaning the others face before kissing him? It's in a gif set going around but not named

I have no idea. Sorry.

Maybe send me fan mail and include a link.

macandcheens asked
The movie the last person asked about (the sick mother's caretaker getting with her son) is called Naked As We Came :)

Ah. Thanks. :)

Anonymous asked
Hey I'm looking for this film where the mother is dying of cancer and her caretaker and her son get in a relationship. Any ideas?

Nope. Sorry.

Help us get this great film made! We need more films out there about LGBT relationships. If you can’t help directly, it’s a great help if you pass the word along!

Anonymous asked
Theres this one trailer. It starts with a guy calling another guy from a payphone. And then the guy says he misses him and the other guy said to never call him back. And then there were flashbacks of them cuddling in a tub. What is the movie help me!!!

No idea. Sorry.

Anonymous asked
They made a second "The Falls" film. It's called "The Falls - Testament of love" and I think they'll publish it in May!

I don’t know what this is…